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Rhythm Series 2017  24x36

Acrylic, bronze dust on canvas  $425

It's in the Eyes

Rhythm Series 2017  24x24

Acrylic on canvas  $380


Rhythm Series  2016  24x24

Acrylic on canvas  $400

Confused City

2016  18x24

Acrylic on canvas  $360

Barbie's Portrait of Substitution

2016  11x17

Oil on canvas  $50

2014 9x10

Watercolor (not for sale)

dog watercolor edited.jpg

Good Dog Vineyard

Painting: Project

Aerial Mash-Up

2016  18x24

Oil on canvas  $300

Degás Master Study

2016  16x20

Oil on canvas (not for sale)


Rhythm Series 2016  18x24

Acrylic on canvas  $400

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