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Public Art


By Any Other Name
aluminum, stainless steel, printed acrylic
2023-2024 Olathe Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit
Lee's Summit Downtown Sculpture Walk, Lee's Summit, Missouri 2022-2023
Created for the 2021-2022 St. Joseph Sculpture Walk, St. Joseph, Missouri
Fabricated with the help of Machine Head, Kansas City, Missouri

By Any Other Name is located in downtown Olathe, Kansas, in front of City Hall. The work serves as a disruption to the expected day-to-day sameness of our surroundings.  Rather than being soft, curvy, pliable, and earthy, this flower form is geometric.  Rigidly patterned.  Unnaturally vibrant with color.  By walking around the sculpture, more natural phenomena such as movement, layering, and light-altered coloration appear.  The piece triggers the viewer to notice at a deeper level.  

Lee's Summit.jpg
By Any Other Name night 1.jpeg
By Any Other Name night 2.jpeg


Catch the Breeze
acrylic, aluminum, steel
Created for the 2019 Gladstone Sculpture Program
Subsequently purchased by the city of Gladstone, MO

Catch the Breeze is a two-part kinetic sculpture located near the Gladstone Community Center, just outside the Summit Grill restaurant at 501 NE 70th Street.  The sculptures represent the artist's geometric interpretation two types of kites.  The work is intended to inspire reflection on the treasured childhood activity of kite-flying, as well as the benefits this activity can offer in today's hurried, stress-laden society.  The installation was accompanied by several kite workshops and fun fly events over the summer, including the Food. Art. Drink. festival and Kids Fest.  The artist would like to offer special thanks to the team at Machine Head for their assistance with this project.

CatchtTheBreeze 1.JPG


Air Play
steel, paint
Created for the 2018 Art in the Loop Program:  KC Plays!
subsequently purchased by the city of Kansas City, Missouri

Air Play is a three-piece kinetic sculpture located in West Terrace Park in Downtown Kansas City.  The sculptures represent the artist's geometric interpretation of several types of kites.  The kites are intended to add new elements of color and movement to the park, and to encourage people to bring their own kites out for some time of fun and whimsy, disconnected from the worries of daily life.  The installation was accompanied by several kite workshops and fun fly events over the summer.

City View

resin, aluminum

2018 St. Joseph Sculpture Walk

St. Joseph, Missouri

City View offers an alternative to the type of "city view" that might first come to mind.  The sculpture encourages a change in perspective, of the city of St. Joseph, or anything else we ponder.  Viewers can see their city from above, or can look through the piece itself to see yet another city view.

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